This year, Christmas falls on a Sunday, and we’re excited to offer a new option to all the immediate and extended families at CWC! By spending time with your family watching the Christmas service online or on DVD, you can have a more personal experience and share the message of Christ this year. 

Watch the I’ll Be Home for Christmas experience:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this for Christmas?

We want to make everything possible this year for you to celebrate with your family for Christmas. Because Christmas is on a Sunday this year, some people may choose between attending a service on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


We believe we could reach more family members than ever before because more family may come to your home rather than to church. Our intent is to reach the whole family for Christmas. If your family is meeting together (extended and immediate families) on Christmas Day, we want to give you a way to open up your day before you open presents and encourage you to share this experience together.

How do I watch the service on Christmas Day?

DVDs will be available for pickup on Sundays in December or you can watch the service here on the CWC’s website or YouTube on Christmas Day.

How do I get a DVD?

You can pick up a DVD on Sundays in December in the Auditorium Foyer.

How much is the DVD?

This is our gift to you and your family to enjoy for free.

What’s the best way for me to share this DVD with my family?

Please preview the DVD before your family gathering so you can have an idea of the best way to share this experience with your family. We recommend watching the sermon and maybe play the worship music while you’re making dinner together. The length of the DVD will be about 30 minutes.

Can I take copies for family and friends?

If, they request a copy, yes. If not, and you just want them to have a copy, we can offer the YouTube and website information for them to access it directly. We don’t want to force it on anyone.

Will subtitles be available for the video?

Yes, subtitles (closed captioning) will be available on the DVD. They can be turned on and off via your DVD/Universal remote.

Still wanting to connect with others beyond your home on Christmas Day?

Invite a friend who is far from family or new to the area to spend Christmas with your family. This is a great opportunity to invite someone to join you to experience “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” together.

Is there a service offered on campus Christmas Day?

Yes, an optional service will be offered in The Outlet on Christmas Day at 10:00am for those wishing to attend on-campus. The “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” DVD will be played at that time.

What about Christmas Eve?

Our annual Candlelight Services will still be happening on Christmas Eve at 5:00 & 7:00pm in The Auditorium. Come sing your favorite Christmas carols, and, more importantly, celebrate the birth of Christ!

What about New Year’s Day–that’s a Sunday too?

There will be one service at 10:00am with no KidzWay, Groups, or ministries meeting.