KidzWay is designed to share and foster a love for the gospel with your child in mind. Kids have the opportunity to participate in the KidzWay mission: “Unite, Excite, Ignite”:

Unite kids and their families to the community of KidzWay at CWC.
Excite kids about Jesus.
Encourage them to ignite their world for Him!


Your child’s safety is very important to us. That’s why we’ve set up a check-in system and carefully screened and trained volunteers which gives parents and guardians the confidence knowing your children are safe in our care. For your first visit, stop by a KidzWay check-in kiosk in the Auditorium Foyer and allow 20 minutes to get your child connected and to their classroom.

KidzWay Programming

On Sundays, families with children all check-in at the KidzWay entrance off our main lobby; once inside, they are placed into the following age groups:

0 – 9 mos. – Family Room (The Cube Seating Area by The Well)
9 mos. – 20 mos. – Aquarium Room
21 mos. – 35 mos. – Safari Room & Circus Room
3 yrs. – Fire Station
4 yrs. – Airport
Kindergarten – Town Park
1st & 2nd grade – Town Square
3rd-5th grade – City

More Programs for Kids

KidzWay - Sunday Morning

At 9:00 & 10:45am, your children have the opportunity to grow with the Big Idea being studied.

Soul Patrol - Kids' Choir


Soul Patrol, our children’s choir, is a great way to see kids learning to love music! They rehearse on Sundays at 10:45am in Room 234, and are open from age 5 to 5th grade. It is expected that children involved in the Soul Patrol rehearsal 2nd service attend KidzWay programming during the 9:00am service. Two check-in tags will be dispensed, and parents/guardians are required to transport their children to Room 234 between services. Children are picked up directly from Room 234. Soul Patrol sings once per month in the worship service, and performs two musicals each year.

DivorceCare 4 Kids

DivorceCare4Kids (DC4K) is a fun environment for kids to learn how to work through the hurt of divorce. The DC4K program features videos, music, games, crafts and activities for children ages 5-12.

Baby D Class & Dedication

BabyD Celebration Sign

We are excited to partner with you as you make the commitment to guide and invest in your child as they grow in Christ. Having your child dedicated is a public commitment before God, your church, and your family. You can take the next step to have your child dedicated during morning services by attending our Baby D (Dedication) Class.

The Family Room

If you have a small child who struggles to sit through a service on Sunday mornings, the Family Room, located behind the auditorium by the main bathrooms, is the perfect place where you and your child can spend time together. This room includes: a live video feed of the service, seating area, change table, nursing rooms, and toys.