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Church Online: Sunday at 9:00am, 10:45am, & 7:00pm

Milton Campus: Sunday at 9:00 & 10:45am | Sunbury Campus: Sunday at 9:15am

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Posted December 21, 2020

Starting Sunday, January 3: Sunbury Campus will have Sunday worship at 9:15am only (no 11:15 service) and no KidzWay through the month of January.

Posted December 7, 2020

Christmas Eve Services – Thursday, December 24

Celebrate Christmas Eve with your family with our traditional candlelight service honoring the birth of Jesus with a special message and live worship. Services will be available in person and online, so whether you’re home or out of town for Christmas, we can worship the newborn King together!

Stop by the church office during the week or at The Hub on Sundays to get your CWC Christmas Eve To-Go package and enter your child’s name to win a giant stuffed animal during one of our services.

Posted November 12, 2020

COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Communication Policy

At Christ Wesleyan Church, we are committed to ensuring the safety and health of our congregation, visitors, and employees. This includes taking appropriate steps to limit the spread of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). We would like to assure you that in the event of an exposure at a CWC campus, the proper steps for appropriate contact tracing will be taken including notifying anyone who may have been exposed to a confirmed or unconfirmed case of COVID-19 as we are able to do so.


When we are notified of a confirmed or unconfirmed case on one of our campuses, our Facility Director will be alerted immediately, and contact tracing will be initiated. Communication will be made with the presumed infected person(s) and tracing information gathered. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The person’s location on campus (this includes where they entered or exited, movement through the building, all rooms entered, etc.)
  • The amount of time spent on campus
  • What medical symptoms are exhibited and when they began
  • If they were masked or unmasked while on campus
  • A list of anyone they had direct contact with while on campus
  • A list of anyone else who lives with them (a separate contract tracing will be created for anyone else in their household if they were on campus as well)
  • If they had a recent test to determine if they are positive for COVID-19
  • If they plan to quarantine and for how long
  • All other important information that can be gathered

This information is then brought to a meeting with Senior Administration and decisions will then be made about next steps. Each situation can be drastically different, so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.


Communication is key in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When all necessary information is gathered, and next step decisions are made, we will begin contacting all who may have had an exposure to the person(s) in question.

We’d like to stress that we WILL NOT release or discuss ANY personal information about the individual who may be or is infected with anyone outside of the Contact Tracing Team. We will follow all HIPAA procedures and protect the identity of the individual(s). This is a top priority of CWC and a policy that will be strictly adhered to.

If you are contacted by a CWC staff member about a possible exposure, we will give you as much information as possible while still maintaining the confidentiality of the individual. We are not medical professionals but will follow guidelines established by the CDC and other authorities. Depending upon your level of exposure, CWC may recommend that you get tested for Covid-19 and self-monitor and self-quarantine. We will also advise you to contact your primary care physician and talk with them about your situation. Each case and situation is different and seeking advice from your doctor is highly recommended.

If the Contact Tracing Team has not reached out to you, it is because we have not found any possibility that you were exposed to COVID-19.

Please feel free to contact the Facility Director with any information or questions you may have concerning the exposure of COVID-19.

If the decision is made that mass communication is necessary, then the information will be distributed from a member of the pastoral executive leadership team.


Because of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and the frequency of changes given to us from the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, we will continue to update this policy as needed to protect our congregation, visitors, and employees.


It is our intention to keep safe all who enter our facilities at CWC. Therefore, we seek to follow the guidelines directed by the CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Posted July 31, 2020

New Church Online Service Times!
Starting Sunday, August 9, our church online experience will change to three services offered on Sundays: 9:00am, 10:45am, & 7:00pm.
(Please note: Sunday evening’s service time will change to 7:00pm, and the Monday service will discontinue.) We hope you’ll continue to join us and invite others to experience church whether virtually or in person!

Posted July 17, 2020

Posted July 2, 2020

Thank you for being willing to work with us in practicing safety measures at CWC, and continuing to wear masks when entering and exiting our campuses! With the new state guidelines, we will not be changing our present safety practices, and wanted to share some updates with you:

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to open children’s ministry, youth, or groups on July 12 (we will open these areas of ministry when we feel it is safe—stay tuned for an update).
  • The Well Coffee House will open with restaurant guidelines and Well Read Bookstore will open on Sunday, July 12.
  • No pre-registration is needed for weekly on-campus worship.

We are very pleased with how things have been going since reopening, and look forward to worshiping with you either in-person or online this weekend.

Service Times

Milton Campus: 9:00 & 10:45am
Sunbury Campus: 9:15 & 11:00am

Our weekly Church Online worship experience will continue, so feel free to join us:
Sundays at 9:00am, 10:45am, 6:00pm, & Mondays at 6:00pm.

Posted June 18, 2020

Both Milton and Sunbury Campuses will resume worship services on Sunday, June 21. Watch the videos below from Pastor Arlie and Pastor Branden for each campus’ experience and what to expect.

Service Times

Milton Campus: 9:00 & 10:45am

Sunbury Campus: 9:15 & 11:00am

Our weekly Church Online worship experience will continue, so feel free to join us:
Sundays at 9:00am, 10:45am, 6:00pm, and NEW! Mondays at 6:00pm.

Milton Campus

Sunbury Campus

Posted on June 15, 2020

Please be aware that our dates to return to our campuses could change as we continue to monitor CDC & PA recommendations. However, the current plan is to reopen on Sunday, June 21.

In Advance

  • Both campus locations will be open for worship services on Sunday, June 21: Milton: 9:00 & 10:45am | Sunbury: 9:15 & 11:00am
  • Our new Church Online service times will be Sundays at 9:00am, 10:45am, & 6:00pm as well as Mondays at 6:00pm (the Saturday evening service will no longer be available online starting the weekend of June 21)
  • Our 9:15am Spanish service at Milton will also resume on Sunday, June 21
  • We are removing every other row of chairs at Milton and Sunbury, and closing every other row of the bleachers at Milton
  • We are doing our best to sanitize the campus and prepare for your arrival. Hand sanitizer will be available. We are installing an Ultra-Violet Sanitization System in our air conditioning to help purify the air in our Milton and Sunbury Auditoriums.

At the Service

  • The Youth Center at the Milton Campus will be available as an overflow area to watch the service on the screen if needed
  • Wearing masks when entering and exiting the services is suggested. If you would like to wear a mask during the service, please feel free to do so, but we are not requiring them. Your safety is important to us, and we want you to feel comfortable with the precautions you see fit to take.
  • We are asking family groups to leave two seats beside them and other families to encourage social distancing
  • A minimal team will be available to help answer questions (no greeters or ushers will be serving)
  • We will not have bulletins, but a table with sermon outlines and activity bags for children will be available for anyone to pick up as they enter the service
  • Groups will not be meeting on campus during worship services
  • No children’s ministry or youth will be meeting during worship services and may possibly return on July 12
  • The Well Ministries (The Well Coffee House & Well Read Bookstore) will not be open for the first few weeks, but may potentially resume Sunday hours on July 12
  • Please come no earlier than 15 minutes before service and wait in your car until the first service has exited the building
  • Please do not congregate in the foyer or the building
  • Free coffee service is suspended at this time
  • Giving boxes will be available that are easily accessible and we will temporarily forego any other practices that require physical contact with one another.

If you are not feeling well for any reason, if you have health concerns of any type that put you in an at-risk category or you are immuno-compromised, or you do not feel comfortable meeting with a room full of people, who may or may not have masks, please continue to watch our services online.

Posted on May 27, 2020

Posted on April 30, 2020

If you know someone who doesn’t have internet or has limited internet, share with them to CALL IN to the live service. During one of our four worship services each weekend, they can call a toll-free number to listen live over their phone.

The phone number (toll-free) is: (855) 520 – 4795

We may not keep this feature forever, but while church is limited to online only, we will offer this! Remember, the service is only available while that service is happening online, and it’s in real time. (Weekend services times are: Saturday at 6:00pm, Sunday at 9:00am, 10:45am, & 6:00pm.)

Posted on April 20, 2020

The church office continues to stay open weekdays 8:00am-5:00pm, and we’re happy to welcome you to our facility! To ensure your level for comfort-ability, and in view of the restrictions that have been made we are:

  • Asking you to remember the 6-feet social distancing
  • Asking that you not enter the building if you have a fever or any virus symptoms
  • Our workers will wear a mask when interacting with the public, if you prefer.
  • We are using all the sanitation practices recommended: sanitizing surfaces, hand washing, etc.

We are continuing to meet together for weekend worship with church services offered online: Saturday at 6:00pm & Sunday at 9:00am, 10:45am, & 6:00pm.

Posted on March 25, 2020

Until we’re able to gather together in person to worship, we’ve added more online service times! Starting this weekend, we’ll have four opportunities of the main service: Saturday at 6:00pm & Sunday at 9:00am, 10:45am, & 6:00pm. We hope you’ll continue to join us and invite others to experience church online this weekend!

Posted on March 19, 2020

Posted on March 16, 2020

We’re currently in the process of getting information gathered for this weekend’s updates. Please check back with us on Wednesday (March 18) for information about this Sunday’s services and for the upcoming weeks.

Posted on March 13, 2020 

A Message from Pastor Arlie Davis

Dear Christ Wesleyan Church (CWC) Family & Friends,

We wanted to come to you quickly with important information concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the temporary measures we’re taking as a church family. We are choosing to remain calm, trust God, but also take the situation very seriously to help support the efforts of our state and community. As always, no matter what we face, we have a God who is bigger. We will continue to trust Him in the days ahead.

On Thursday, March 12, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf provided an update on the state’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) mitigation efforts, which included guidance to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Included in his report is the “strong encouragement of the suspension of large gatherings, events, and conferences of 250 individuals or more.”

Therefore, after much prayer, and in accordance with the biblical directive of honoring our governing authorities and out of concern for the health and safety of our local communities, CWC will be suspending all Sunday gatherings at both campuses this Sunday, March 15, 2020. This includes KidzWay, Youth, and all on campus group opportunities. This practice of social distancing is meant to limit the spread of the virus and other seasonal illnesses in accordance with The Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Please know that this decision is not made out of fear, but instead out of obedience to God’s Word and out of concern for all the people who call CWC home as well as the communities in which we live.

The good news is that CWC is not a building – the church is the people – it’s you and it’s me. And while we may not be gathering in our usual buildings this weekend, I would invite you to stay engaged by joining us for one of our 2 Church Online gatherings at 9:00 or 10:45am. This livestream will include the full service you are used to experiencing at CWC with music, prayer, and a sermon. Simply go to to find out more about streaming times and COVID-19 updates.

Let me share a word of encouragement with you. These are unpredictable times and we all have questions and concerns, but as I have said many times to you, God’s got this! He is a God who is always filled with hope and who holds our future firmly in His hand. You will be tempted to have feelings of fear and worry, but instead, replace those thoughts with God’s message from His Word, “I have not given you a spirit of fear or timidity, but one of power, love, and self-control.”

This is a fast-changing situation and future weeks may be subject to change. We’ll continue to keep you informed as things unfold in the days ahead, but in the mean time, use common sense and lean in to Jesus – he will not leave us alone.

See you this weekend for Church Online!

Pastor Arlie

PS–Remember: Church is a people, not a building.