10:00 am — 4:00 pm
The Auditorium (Entrance #6)
363 Stamm Road, , Milton, PA 17847 United States
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Christ Wesleyan Theatre Productions is excited to announce its summer 2017 performances of:

Plot Summary

Based on the incredible true story, “Titanic The Musical” brings an epic show of history’s most tragic maiden voyage of the grand passenger liner, The Titanic. Thought unsinkable, this man-made, historical feat carried the individual stories of her passengers and crew. Discover the people aboard The Titanic with characters from all backgrounds and walks of life with joys and sorrows, pleasure and pain, some survived, but many perished. “Titanic The Musical” brings the same Broadway-quality, live performances you’ve come to expect from Christ Wesleyan Theatre Productions in summer 2017. Don’t miss the boat!

About Auditions

When to Audition:

Saturday, February 11: 10:00am-4:00pm, The Auditorium

Sunday, February 12: 1:00-6:00pm, The Auditorium

Audition FAQs:

  • Who can audition?
    Anyone ages 12 & up.

  • Do you have to attend Christ Wesleyan Church?
    No, anyone can audition whether or not they attend a church.

  • Where is Christ Wesleyan located?
    363 Stamm Road, Milton, PA 17847 – Use the Auditorium Main Entrance #6

  • When do rehearsals start?
    March 2017

  • When is the show?
    June 15 – 18, 2017 with five performances:
    June 15 & 16 at 7:00pm, June 17 at 2:00 & 7:00pm, & June 18 at 2:00pm

Audition Materials

All actors auditioning should prepare a short monologue (2-3 minutes) that they find either online or from some other source and a song of their choice (average length is 3-4 minutes, but you may not need to sing the entire song) with accompaniment CD. Actors may also choose to provide their own live accompaniment (a piano is available). Both should be memorized. Monologues and songs do not have to be from “Titanic: The Musical”, but should show a range of emotions and skill (you do not need to provide copies of your monologue or song).

Cast of Characters 
(Some parts may be doubled)

Leaders, Officers, & Crew

  • Thomas Andrews (Baritone) – Age late 30s, the designer & builder of The Titanic

  • J. Bruce Ismay (Baritone) – Age late 40s, owner of The Titanic, tastidiously dressed, with dark hair & moustache

  • Captain E.J. Smith (Baritone) – Grey-bearded

  • First Office Murdoch (Baritone) – Age: 39, a Scotsman

  • Second Officer Lightoller (Baritone) – Age 38

  • Third Officer Pitman – Age 32

  • Fourth Officer Boxhall (Baritone) – Age 28

  • Quartermaster Hitchens (Baritone) – Age 23, a Cornishman

  • Harold Bride (Tenor) – Radioman

  • Frederick Barrett (Baritone) – Age 24, Stoker

  • Frederick Fleet (Tenor) – Lookout

  • Joseph Bell (Tenor) – Chief Engineer

  • Henry Etches (Tenor) – Age 50, Senior first-class steward

  • Bellboy

Principal Passengers

First Class

  • Isidor Straus (Baritone) – Age late 60s

  • Ida Straus (Alto) – Age late 60s, Isidor’s wife

  • John Jacob Astor (Baritone) – Age 47

  • Madeleine Astor (Mezzo-Soprano) – Age 19, John’s young bride

  • Benjamin Guggenheim (Baritone) – the very model of an American millionaire

  • Mme. Aubert (Soprano) – An attractive Frenchwoman and passenger with Mr. Guggenheim

  • John B. Thayer (Baritone)

  • Marion Thayer (Soprano) – John’s wife

  • Jack Thayer – John & Marion’s nine-year-old son

  • George Widener (Baritone)

  • Eleanor Widener – George’s wife

  • Charlotte Cardoza – a handsome woman in her 40s (spoken)

  • Edith Corse Evans (Soprano)

  • J.H. Rogers (Baritone) – Age 40s, a bespectacled American

  • The Major (Baritone)

Second Class

  • Alice Beane (Mezzo-Soprano) – middle-aged, American with middle-west accent

  • Edgar Beane (Baritone) – middle-aged, American with middle-west accent

  • Charles Clark (Tenor) – young, British, & middle-class

  • Caroline Neville (Soprano) – young, British, & aristocratic

Third Class

  • Jim Farrell (Baritone) – a handsome Irishman

  • The Three Kates:
    Kate McGowan (Mezzo-Soprano) – young Irish girl
    Kate Mullins (Alto) – young Irish girl
    Kate Murphey (Alto) – young Irish girl

On Shore

  • Frank Carlson (Spoken) – an American

Other Crew Members, Staff, & Passengers

Other Crew Members & Staff

  • Andrew Latimer (Baritone) – a steward in the first-class

  • Stewardess Robinson (Soprano)

  • Stewardess Hutchinson (Soprano)

  • The DaMicos (Spoken) – a couple, they are professional dancers

  • The Band:
    Bandmaster Wallace Hartley
    Bandsman Taylor
    Bandsman Bricoux

  • Stevedore

  • Stokers

  • Sailors

  • Stewards – for all three classes

Other Passengers

  • Other First-Class Passengers

  • Other Second-Class Passengers

  • Other Third-Class Passengers including:
    First Man
    Second Man
    Third Man
    Fourth Man
    German Man
    Italian Couple


February 11, 2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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