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National Day of Prayer Online with CWC:
Thursday, May 7 at 6:00pm

Join us online for a focused time of prayer as we lift up our government, military, media, businesses, schools, churches, and families. (This video will be available on-demand on YouTube and Facebook so you can watch it at any time afterwards.) 

Ways to Pray

Unite with Christians across America to pray for our nation, schools, community, and leaders. The National Day of Prayer has great significance for us as a nation because it enables us to recall and to teach the way our founding fathers sought the wisdom of God when faced with critical decisions. It stands as a call for us to humbly come before God, seeking His guidance for our leaders and His grace upon us as a people.


  • Federal Government
    Consider praying for our President, Vice President, Cabinet Members, Congressional Leaders, Supreme Court Justices
  • State Government
    Consider praying for your Governor, Executive Leaders, Legislative Leaders, Judicial Leaders
  • Local Government
    Consider praying for your Mayor, City Council, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Judges, County Officials


  • Courage and dependence on God
  • Perseverance to endure hardship
  • Divine protection from the enemy
  • Wise leaders who inspire respect from those under their command
  • Confidence and vision to persist in the face of negative publicity
  • Protection and support for the families they have left behind
  • Chaplains who are divinely appointed to deliver hope and spiritual strength


  • The decision-makers within the media to realize they can make a profit by producing family-friendly projects
  • Christians in media to find favor and be filled with creative ideas that bring kingdom principles and life-giving messages to the public
  • Celebrities to be provided with repeated opportunities to hear and receive salvation


  • Integrity among Christian workers so that they win the right to be heard
  • Impartation of ideas and resources to open principled businesses, especially in areas that need an economic boost
  • Christian workers to display Christ-like humility and service to their co-workers


  • A return to truth and Judeo-Christian ethics
  • A safe atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Excellence in educators
  • Equal opportunities for every student to achieve their full potential


  • The church would find a new zeal and commitment to the mission and purpose of Jesus Christ
  • Unity with and among churches that reveal God’s love to the world
  • A return to the absolutes of God’s Word
  • Integrity–that God’s people look and act differently from the world
  • A holy fear of the Lord released in the heart of God’s people


  • Unity and love in individual families that reach out in hospitality toward others
  • The re-establishment of relationships between parents and children
  • A return to family values that serve the nation as a whole
  • A return to the biblical mandate to train their children at home in the fear of the Lord and not leave the responsibility to others


May 7
6:00 pm
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