Stay connected with others, give back a portion of what God has given you, and update your contact info so we can best know how to care for you as part of our church family.

My Giving

We believe everything we have God has generously given to us, and we want to give a portion of what He’s entrusted to us back to Him. At CWC, we don’t pass a plate during the service, but have black giving boxes throughout our facility and online giving to give your offering back to God as you feel led. Tithing envelopes are available to help keep track of your contributions. If you consider CWC your church home, we’d encourage you to give as God directs you. Thank you for giving so faithfully and sacrificially as we continue to reach more people than ever before!

Giving online to the ministries at CWC saves time and is available for giving at your convenience. Please click the give button to contribute today. Thank you for supporting the ministry of CWC!

  • You can set up your own giving schedule.

  • We offer online giving as a convenience, but processing fees can reduce what ends up being available for ministry. If you so choose, you can automatically increase your gift to cover the processing fee by checking the box.

Online Giving FAQs

  • What methods of payment can I use through PCO (Planning Center Online)? You can give your tithe via direct bank debit (ACH), debit card, credit card, and Apple Pay. You can then use these methods to either give one time online, or set up a recurring donation, or text-to-give.

  • Does it cost the church more if I use my credit card? Yes, when using a credit card, 2.5% of your tithe is paid to the card processing center. Thus, we encourage you to use ACH, which does not have this cost, so that more of your tithe goes directly to the ministry of CWC.

  • Why don’t I have to enter a password? PCO does not set up accounts using a password. Each time you log in to make changes, you will be prompted to go to your email and follow a link to access your PCO profile. This is extra security so that PCO knows it is indeed you trying to access your giving page.

  • How do I add a bank account to my profile? Under “Payment Methods” you can add a bank account or other payment method. You can verify your bank account by either entering your bank login information, or allowing PCO to make two small deposits into your account and then verifying these amounts. Once your account is linked, you can use this account to give one time online, set up a recurring donation, or text-to-give.

  • How do I set up recurring giving? In your PCO profile, you can set up a recurring giving schedule that can be set to be weekly, every other week, monthly or twice monthly. You can also choose the day of the week, as well as the start date for your giving.

  • Does CWC offer text-to-give? Yes, you can text your tithe from anywhere! In your PCO profile, you can select which account you want your text giving to come from. Once that’s established, you can simply text 84321 and enter the dollar amount in the body of the text. Once sent, you will receive a confirmation text of your donation with the amount and which fund it was given to.

  • How can I see how much I have given? At any time throughout the year, you can view your giving history. Click on your PCO profile, and at the bottom of the page, you can see your yearly giving. You can also download it for other use.

My Tithing Envelopes

If you’d prefer to give on-campus, tithing envelopes are available to help keep track of your contributions. If you’d like to start receiving tithing envelopes, fill out the form below:

My Prayer Request

Need prayer support? Our prayer team prays over your requests and it’s our privilege to pray for you. We love to hear how God has answered prayer! If you have a praise that God has answered a prayer and worked in incredible ways, share it with us.
For emergencies after hours, call: 570.742.8994.

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Update My Info

Life is constantly changing. If you’ve recently moved, got a new phone number, we might not have your new information. Stay in touch by updating your info.

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