Whether you’re new to CWC or have been attending for quite some time, you may be wondering what’s next for me here? We’re glad you asked! You’ve already taken the first step of checking out CWC, and here are some ways you can learn and grow more with us.

STEP #1: Connection Breakfast

Learn your next step, no matter how long you’ve been here.


STEP #2: Groups Experience

Being a part of a group is a great way to grow in your faith. One of the best options is ROOTED.


STEP #3: Spiritual Gifts Discovery

Discover your unique gifts and how God wants to use them.


STEP #4: Membership Night

Partner with us. Stay in relationship, find a place to serve, & consider membership.


Next Steps

Ready to take a next step? Sign up here for: Connection Breakfast, Groups Experience, Spiritual Gifts Discovery, & Membership Night