I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy. Philippians 1:3-4

When a person says, “You make me feel seen,” it means that they feel valued and loved.  To have eyes that see a person means recognizing someone for who they are AND what they do.

For those in church leadership, it is easy to be seen as a list of accomplishments or failures.  Pastors are seen delivering a sermon.  They are seen leading worship.  They are a smile on the stage, a handshake at the door, a head bowed in prayer.

This October, we want to invite you to see your pastor in a fresh way – to see her or him as a child of God.  To see your pastor as a person who is full of hopes and dreams but also a person that has struggles and pain. We invite you to see

Studies have shown that one of the most significant factors for clergy well-being is the support pastors feel from their congregations. When we have eyes that see our pastors, we see the ways we can support and encourage each woman and man serving the Lord in vocational ministry.

For Pastor Appreciation month this October, your church is invited to have eyes that see your pastor and his/her family.  See the value they hold as a child of God.  See the hours of self-sacrifice and obedience.  See the ways you can pray.  See how you can be an encouragement.  And see how you can be a source of blessing to your pastor and family.

Below you will find suggestions and resources that can be of direct benefit to your pastor(s) and their families). Use these ideas as opportunities to have eyes that see your pastor and family and communicate to them that “We see you!”

  • Prayer: There is no greater blessing for pastors than to know they are covered in prayer.  Commit to regular prayer for your pastor and family and let them know you are praying for them.  Visit https://resources.wesleyan.org/pam for a downloadable prayer postcard you can send to your pastor!
  • Cards: Involve the whole family to send cards of encouragement to your pastor.  Write notes to your pastor’s spouse and children.  Include a care package for college students.
  • Gift Cards: Send your pastor on a date with a gift card to a favorite restaurant.  Give the kids a gift card to a favorite store.
  • Financial Assistance: Does your pastor have a pressing financial need?  Student loans or college tuition?  Car repairs or home maintenance?  Provide a financial gift to help cover the costs.
  • Bless Your Pastor Brochure:  This program from the National Association of Evangelicals will give you a myriad of creative ideas to bless your pastor.
  • SonScape Retreat: This is a 7-day retreat for pastors, missionaries, and other vocational Christian leaders and their spouses that focuses on providing spiritual retreat, counsel, and community.
  • Altar Fly Fishing Retreat: This retreat for pastors combines times of reflection and guided discussion with fly fishing (no experience required) in an atmosphere designed to provide rest and quiet.
  • Full Strength Membership: This is a growing national network of caregivers and service providers passionate about helping pastors and their families thrive in ministry life through services such as counseling and coaching.
  • #WeSeeYou2023:  You can win a prize for your pastor by posting a picture with your pastor or the pastoral family on Facebook or Instagram.  Include your pastor’s name and a word of encouragement, using the hashtag #WeSeeYou2023.  Winners will be selected at random. Prizes include. . .
    • Amazon gift cards – Beats Wireless Earbuds – $200 Visa gift card
    • WPH Digital Download of the Wesley Bible Commentary set
    • WPH Digital Download Book of Pastor’s Choice
    • GRAND PRIZE: Exponential 2024 or WHWC 2024 Registration and Lodging

Thank you for joining us as we see our pastors.  May be the words of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 1:3-4 be experienced in your church: “I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.”

Together in faith, let’s encourage our pastors that We See You!