Each year, we set aside a time for 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting leading up to Friend Day. Starting September 27 – November 5, this 40-day period is meant for you to draw near to God by building in some new routines and by deleting something from your life that will cause you to think of God more. Fasting is not an attempt to twist God’s arm to make Him do something He doesn’t want to do, but rather an opportunity to heighten your intensity in prayer and to draw you closer to Him so that His desires are your desires.

Facts of Life (002)

Life Journals

All ages and stages will engage in learning the technique to Bible devotions of journaling. The entire church (adults, teens, and kids) are encouraged to practice this discipline with a journal created specifically for their stage. Each day will have readings from Old and New Testaments and instructions on how to make them personally applicable. (Life Journals are available on Sundays in the foyer.) Here’s a great method to use with the Life Journals:


Find the Scriptures for today in the Bible Reading Plan
(pages 14-17).


Read with an open heart and Jesus will give you encouragement, direction, and correction.


Make personal application of the Scripture.


Offer to God how you will use His Word in your life!

The God Questions 2

Our “Facts of Life” sermon series is using The God Questions 2 by Hal Seed as a format and can be read throughout the week or in a small group setting. (Copies of The God Questions 2 are available at Well Read Bookstore.) We’ll be discussing the questions:
  • Is God real?

  • Is the Bible true?

  • Do all roads lead to heaven? 

  • How can a good God allow suffering?

  • Which is right: evolution or creation?

  • What will heaven be like?

The God Questions Book Cover

Ways to Fast

Be as creative as possible in how you will approach the 40 days. Whatever you fast, let the fasting item be a prompt for you to remember to pray. Here are some ways you could fast during the next 40 days:

  • You might consider giving up something for the 40 days
  • Give up something different each week
  • Add some special time-alone-with-God times
  • Add some fresh challenges to your faith
  • Set new goals
  • Food, gum, coffee, sweets, desserts, movies, video games, reading, music, or any number of new ideas that God brings to mind.