One Service. One Church.

Pastor Billy Robel

On Sunday, February 19, 2023, we gathered for One Service at One Campus as One Church.
As revival spreads across our country, our churches, and our hearts, God inspired a HUGE CHANGE to our plans for Sunday services that weekend. Why? We felt God impressing on our hearts the need to offer a very different worship experience, and we wanted to be all together! Both campuses and both services were together in one service at the Milton Campus with our Church Online Campus available.

Powerful testimonies, life-changing miracles, and stories of revival were shared happening in and through our staff and congregation! The worship order looked very different, and we couldn’t fully predict the timeframe…only to say that this one combined service would begin at 9:00am.

We prepared our hearts for the unexpected and the miraculous! As the staff and local board of CWC prayed and prepared that week, we eagerly anticipated a powerful day of worship, prayer, and healing!

We felt through this act of obedience to God’s voice, we would experience a blessing that had the potential to change us forever and advance the Kingdom! Where there were concerns, people joined us in replacing them with extra prayer as we leaned into this move of God! ONE SERVICE. ONE CAMPUS. ONE CHURCH!


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