We are very excited about the new direction God is leading CWC with multi-site campuses and CWC will soon have campus locations in Milton and Sunbury! While we don’t have all the answers yet, please join us in prayer as we move forward with this new process as a church family.

Sunbury Campus Updates

  • Internal Pre-launch

    We will begin with an internal pre-launch to help the two groups of people get connected and become one! (Internal pre-launch means that we are not officially advertising the church’s opening but seeking to merge two groups of people.)

  • July 8

    The Sunbury congregation and those from within Christ Wesleyan’s Milton Campus who will be volunteering and attending the Sunbury Campus, will all begin meeting together at the Milton Campus in Davis Chapel at 10:45am. Pastor Branden will be meeting with this newly formed congregation each week. They will have a live worship band and the services will be very similar to what is happening in our Auditorium. The sermon will be recorded in the Auditorium and then shown in Davis Chapel. (Our Spanish church service will be meeting in The Outlet for that month.)

  • September 2

    The newly formed congregation will be meeting at the Sunbury Campus. The same procedure will be repeated as described above (this is still an internal pre-launch).  Pastor Branden will lead the congregation, there will be a live worship band, and the services will be very similar to what is happening on the main campus in our Auditorium. The sermon will be recorded in the Auditorium and then shown at the Sunbury Campus.

  • Official Launch
    We will be advertising and celebrating our official opening of Christ Wesleyan: Sunbury Campus on September 9! The newly formed congregation will now be ready to welcome guests to join them officially as we now begin! Of course, anyone is welcome to join prior to this launch date, but this is the official kick-off date to begin our official invitations! Praise God for this new, exciting opportunity!


CWC Multi-Site FAQs

What is a multi-site church?

A multi-site church is one church with multiple locations. These locations, called campuses, offer a similar Sunday morning experience.

Why the multi-site approach?

Several months ago, the district approached CWC about considering to adopt Trinity Wesleyan Church in Sunbury as they were experiencing a transition in leadership. At the same time, CWC leadership was considering expanding our ministry to the Sunbury area. We believe the timing of this was God-given, and will give us exciting opportunities to reach a broader community by having multiple campuses.

What is the difference between the CWC Milton Campus and CWC Sunbury Campus?

The Milton Campus will host the majority of our groups, events, and activities. The current plan is that the Sunbury Campus will begin with Sunday morning worship with a worship band and leader using an identical worship style to the Milton Campus. KidzWay programming will also be available. Pastor Branden Mestach will be on-site to facilitate and will be there at least 6-months during the transition with an evaluation that will follow. A possible video feed of the sermon given at the Milton Campus will be available to the Sunbury Campus on Sunday mornings. The congregation attending the Sunbury Campus will receive the same care and support as our Milton Campus.

How will this affect leadership at both campuses?

The Sunbury Campus will be under the same leadership as the Milton Campus. Leadership responsibilities may change, but no one is leaving CWC. Pastor Branden Mestach will be the Sunbury Campus Pastor, but still retain his responsibilities as Youth Pastor of the Milton Campus.

How does the current church in Sunbury feel about this change?

The congregation in Sunbury is excited about this adoption process, and we are also excited to have them be part of our wonderful CWC family!

I live in or near Sunbury. Does this mean I’m expected to attend the Sunbury Campus?

Not at all. We want every person, regardless of where they live, to feel free to attend any of the CWC Campuses. Whichever location best fits a person’s needs or preferences is fine by us!