Much like our physical body has vital signs, our spiritual formation is also measured by health indicators. These are our target goals for spiritual development as a part of the body of Christ:


WORSHIP: We worship by gathering together on Sundays.

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Grow_RedGROW: We grow by gathering together throughout the week.

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SERVE: We serve the body by using our gifts.

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Reach_Red croppedREACH: I reach my world by inviting others to know Jesus.

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About Our Vital Signs



Worship means to ascribe worth to something or someone. We’re designed to worship, and we choose to worship God out of love as a proper response to Him. At CWC, we meet together on Sunday mornings because we are called to worship.



God designed us to be a community with one another, which creates a great atmosphere for growth and spiritual development. At CWC, growth happens through groups that meet throughout the week to challenge and encourage you in stepping forward in your relationship with Christ.



Each of us has been designed with one or more spiritual gifts meant to be used to serve the local church. When we share our gifts and talents with others, we find joy in serving God with the gifts He’s equipped us. You can discover your spiritual gifts through a class at CWC and explore how and where to use them.


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God commands us to share the love of Jesus with those in our world. That’s why our mission at CWC is “sharing the light of Jesus Christ with our world”. We pray for opportunities to reach others and that our eyes will be opened to those who need Him in our world.